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“Toni Kellar is awesome! Her ability to teach adults and children the power of percussion is legendary. Not only is she a great teacher, mentor, and role model, she is an encourager who empowers and inspires people, blessing the creativity they may have forgotten.”

-- Paul Gemme, drummer, facilitator, and director
Gemme Innovations, CT

"Toni is an engaging drummer who inspires and educates audiences of all ages."

-- Bob Bloom, director
Drumming About You, C

“I have high regard for Toni Kellar's abilities as a teacher and performer on frame drums. In the last several years I have had the pleasure of having Toni as a frame drum student and also sharing the stage with her in performance. In every situation I have been impressed with her talent and enthusiasm for drumming. I can recommend her without reservation, as a qualified teacher and performer on frame drums.”

-- Glen Velez, frame drummer, teacher, recording artist and
Grammy Award winner, NY, NY

"Toni is not only an excellent drummer, but a truly gifted and empowering leader. Her understanding of the relationship between the drum and the inner pulse of the self helps drum circle participants to connect with both the drum and each other. The result is an experience that is exciting, educational, and just plain fun."

-- Morwen Two Feathers, co-founder
Earth Drum Council, Boston, MA

“Over the years I have known Toni Kellar as a student and as a colleague, I have always been impressed with her both as a person, and a musician. As a person she brings the utmost integrity and enthusiasm to anything she does. As a musician she possesses a strong sense of time, excellent technique on many instruments, and the insight and understanding to constantly be learning from every situation. I place her with the elite on my list of teachers and facilitators in the drumming community.”

-- Randy Crafton, percussionist, recording artist, teacher,
Broadway performer, NY/NJ


and Leadership Development

“Toni was very descriptive and patient with everyone. She made us all feel welcomed and able. From my perspective as Resort Manager I got excellent feed back from the members that participated. Most of them went out of their way to let me know how much they enjoyed the drumming circle. From me personally, it was soothing, relaxing, and enjoyable. I honestly felt the stress leave my body as I concentrated on "my" drumming technique.” 

-- Charlotte Ogden, manager
Grand Haven Resort, Kimbolton, OH


“What a good way to loosen up a group! I was surprised at how much fun we had. We sounded pretty good too.”

-- Sandy Carter, teacher
Shenandoah Elementary School, Noble Local School District, OH

“This is a great way to reduce stress!”

-- Administrator
Noble Local School District, OH

“Our group really enjoyed Toni's enthusiasm and energy -- she kept our group focused on our purpose of teamwork and unity but with a sense of individuality.”

-- P.M.
Spotlight on Student Services Conference, OH


“An amazing experience."
"One, two, back to the groove!" -- Tyler
"It was fabulous and put me in a much better mood."
"Roots To Rhythm was an excellent way for me to express what I was thinking and just put it out by the instruments." -- Amanda Fulk
"Drums are soul."
"This was awesome. It was the most fun I had in a while!" -- Katie Rosier
"I love this program. It gives people a taste of true music." -- Chelsea Watkins
"When you play with your soul, fill it with all that makes you whole, you'll like it." -- Shannon Stewart
"Roots To Rhythm was such a connecting experience. The beat made me feel so together and in sync with my group." -- Tanya Salyers
"It was a really fun experience. A fun way to bring music and rhythm into your everyday routine." -- Kara McCreary
"Unique and wonderful! I loved the experience. So much fun!" -- Natasha Jarrell

-- Upward Bound program participants
Shawnee State University, OH

"An excellent, hands-on presentation that encourages team building."

-- Upward Bound Resident Assistant
Shawnee State University, OH

"Prior to the event, Toni asked about the issues and challenges we were facing as a faculty. She was able to weave these things into our session making the message even more powerful. Thanks!"

-- Kelly Hunter-Rice, School Counselor
Marburn Academy, OH

"Excellent way to showcase leadership while also building teamwork in a community."

-- Katie Langolf, teacher
Marburn Academy, OH

"What a positive and exciting way to bring the staff together."

-- Chasity Engle, teacher
Marburn Academy, OH

"Outstanding! Something amazing happens when creativity and expression are experienced together as a group. This is a great tool, and a great chance to experience life from a fresh perspective."

-- Participants
Child Focus, Inc., Early Childhood Mental Health Conference, Cincinnati, OH



and Youth

"Toni took the time to become familiar with the values and mission our school strives to pass on to our students and incorporated these ideas into the program."

-- Martha Chesler, teacher
St. Benedict School, Cambridge, OH

“Toni is well prepared for any age group, using Ohio's State Standards to prepare for school groups. The students were thrilled and are using the rhythms to help their fluency in learning to read.”

-- Mrs. Marty Bartrug, teacher
Shenandoah Elementary, Noble Local School District, OH

"I enjoyed today¹s drumming class! I learned that there is method in several places ... we played different instruments. We had some really fun "jams" going! We also talked about being kind to others even if they are mean. I love having rhythm! I got to instruct a little bit too! It was fun!"

-- Rebecca, 8th grade student
St. Benedict School, Cambridge, OH

"Roots To Rhythm is an exciting program for kids. Toni Kellar has an enthusiasm that is contagious."

-- Amanda VonKennell, teacher
Lowell Elementary School, OH

"Roots To Rhythm gave our students of all ages the opportunity to strengthen listening skills and work together as a team through fun, organized self-expression."

-- Kindergarten teacher
St. Benedict School, Cambridge, OH

“You were a hit! Your teaching is right in line with many of the ideas we try to instill in the youth...making the right decisions, respecting self and others, conflict resolution, and of course staying drug and alcohol free. One must be centered (in rhythm) and understand the needs and rights of others before these things can happen in themselves.”

-- Brad Fuller, counselor
Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices, OH

“The Roots To Rhythm program is one of the best Artsbridge events we have ever had. All of the students were engaged in learning and enjoyed the program!”

-- 4th grade teacher
Putnam Elementary School, Marietta City School District, OH

“Toni receives an ‘excellent' rating in my book. She is very enthusiastic and works well with all participants. This experience is a must for everyone.”

-- Valerie Berisford, MA, L.S.W., Community Outreach Education Coordinator
Guernsey County Children Services and Family Service Council, OH

"Toni is delightful! She provides an unparalleled experience as she encourages participants to freely express themselves through drumming and other rhythmic activities. Our parents and students had a wonderful time exploring our rhythmic diversity while collaborating on a variety of percussion pieces!"

-- home school parents group
Cambridge, OH

“Toni shares her knowledge of music by guiding children in a self discovery of their own rhythm. She obviously enjoys percussion!”

-- Marcia Kimball, 4th grade teacher
Putnam Elementary School, Marietta City School District, OH

"We had a wonderful time! It was magnificent how you had the kids tune in on their own bio-rhythms, as my son is one who struggles with steady timing and doesn't believe he has any rhythm. He really enjoyed the session."

-- Pam Grewell, home school parent
Cambridge, OH

“I was amazed at how beautiful the music of the drums were and how each instrument, played by the members of the group, was unique and individual, yet blended together in rhythm. What I liked most was seeing the smiles on everyone's faces – you could see and feel the energy in the room.”

-- Jolene Williamson, coordinator
Guernsey County Children Services Kinship Program, OH

"Our kids can't get enough of this unique program."

-- Christopher Caples, Director of Residential Services
Thompkins Child and Adolescent Services, Cambridge, OH

"Listen... The beat of the music is in your heart. Listen to it every day.”

-- Katie, resident and drumming program participant
Pomegranate Health Systems youth behavioral health facility, Byesville, OH

“I know that my students would have been captivated for hours if we had scheduled more time.”

-- Tracey Huck, Guidance Counselor
Warren Local Schools, OH

“It's very therapeutic for the kids.”

-- Program Manager
Nelle Lane Gardner Home , Guernsey County Children Services, OH

“I would recommend the Roots To Rhythm program to any age group. Experiencing inner rhythms corporately produces a sense of accomplishment. Toni's instruction is encouraging and self assuring.”

-- Mrs. Jan Corrothers, Director of Music
First Baptist Church of Parkersburg, WV

“My students were totally engaged throughout the entire program. They 'insisted' on making percussion instruments and using them in a center later that day.”

-- Debra LoFrumento, Kindergarten teacher
Morgan West Elementary, OH

“The children were actively involved for the full 40 minute presentation [interactive assembly]. Great day for all of us.”

-- Kathi Spencer, teacher
Morgan West Elementary, Morgan Local School District, OH

“Hands-on learning about rhythm (I could hear the improvement in their rhythm as the program [interactive assembly] continued on to the end.) Every child had an instrument and could participate. No child was left out!”

-- teacher
Morgan West Elementary, Morgan Local School District, OH

“My children were actively engaged in learning [during the interactive assembly program] as was their teacher. There were enough instruments for all of us.”

-- 2nd grade teacher
Morgan West Elementary, OH

“The best interactive program [assembly] we have ever had at South School!”

-- P. McDermott, 3rd grade teacher
Morgan South Elementary, OH

"This program gave many students the opportunity to lead in a large group."

-- Katie Langolf, teacher
Marburn Academy, OH

"What a great way for the students to come together and gain an appreciation for music."

-- C. Engle, teacher
Marburn Academy, OH

"Thank you for bringing Roots To Rhythm to our summer program. It was an amazing experience for everyone!"

-- Julie Russell
Muskingum County Care Team Collaborative, OH




and Wellness

“….The experience was life altering for our members and for us as group facilitators. The members were taken by surprise as to how much this experience touched them…..they are anxious to experience it again. I can personally say that the music is still stirring in my heart…..thank you….for bringing such a moving experience to our community.”

-- Nancy Neff and Becky Wheeler, Cancer Support Group facilitators
Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center, Cambridge, OH

“That program was ONE OF THE BEST! Not one person failed to enjoy it immensely… was just a beautiful syncopation…..”

-- Jesse Morris, cancer survivor
Cambridge, OH

“There is not a single, solitary person that doesn't suffer from stress in their lives. New techniques, such as drumming, is showing how we can effectively reduce our stress and increase our self-awareness. The YMCA is very fortunate to have Toni Kellar and her expertise in this fascinating field here in the Cambridge area."

-- Lori Colby, adult fitness coordinator
Cambridge Area YMCA, OH

“Roots To Rhythm is a program for all ages to enjoy. It allows those participating the freedom to express themselves through all forms of drumming instruments.”

-- Ann Hanson, health educator
Fairfield County Department of Health, OH

“I had fun when you came out and when we were playing instruments at the drum circle. I thought it was soothing and relaxing. So I just want to say thank you..”

-- Kenneth, resident
The Center for Child and Family Development, Zanesville, OH



and Keynotes

“Wonderful! It was marvelous. I enjoyed it. I think I might continue [drumming] at home.

-- Keynote session participant
Harvest of Health Fair, Kenyon College, OH

“My absolute favorite was opening the conference with Roots To Rhythm. It was a wonderful way to start the day.”
“The [program] was lots of fun and a great way to get the day started.”
“Roots To Rhythm was a good opener to energize people.”
“…Roots To Rhythm…useful metaphors that related to work.”
“Roots To Rhythm feeds my inner soul.”

-- Keynote session participants
Women's Leadership Conference, University of Cincinnati, OH

“Five women from my department participated. We have been going through major stress and change. This was HEALING. THANK YOU.”
“The best hour of motivation, yet!”
“Great facilitator. Wonderful session! Bring her back.”
“Wonderful experience. Probably the BEST session I've attended in the three years I've been coming to the conference. EXTRAORDINARY!”

-- Break-out session participants
Women's Leadership Conference,, University of Cincinnati, OH

“Thank you on behalf of the Day for Women Planning Committee and the School of Continuing Education here at Eastern for your very significant contributions to the success of Day for Women this year. The feedback on the evaluation forms about the opening exercise was extremely positive. Also, many women mentioned that what they liked best about the day was the drumming workshop! So, I think it fair to say you were a big hit.”

-- Carol J. Williams, Ph.D., associate dean
Eastern Connecticut State University, CT

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the drumming workshop at ECSU's Day for Women. It changed my life! I not only learned to celebrate my long suppressed love for drumming -- I have found a new joy in its practice. I went from always admiring drumming to becoming a drummer. Thank you so much!"

-- Kate Laity, participant
Day For Women conference, Eastern Connecticut State University, CT

"Your participation presentation at the 2008 Florida Department of Education Macy's Teacher of the Year events was more fun than a person should have. I loved my instrument. I have to tell you that as a finalist, I was feeling a little nervous and tense and your activity provided the kind of relaxation that I truly needed. All my senses were engaged and occupied, using every possible educational strategy. Thank you for inspiring my inner rhythm. Thank you for the fun!"

-- Dr. Sandy Melillo, Broward County (FL) Teacher of the Year
Florida State Teacher of the Year Conference, Orlando, FL


"...Thanks for sharing with us at the Florida Teacher of the Year events... I LOVED your presentation and even though my rhythm is good then I lose it once in a while, I had a blast! Your presentation was uplifting, fun, and exhilarating! Thanks so much! Keep on drumming!"

-- Deborah Graham, Collier County (FL) Teacher of the Year
Florida State Teacher of the Year Conference, Orlando, FL


"We would like to extend our appreciation to you for the Roots To Rhythm presentation that you did for us at the Early Childhood Mental Health conference. The presentation went very well and received an overall Excellent rating... We are looking forward to working with you again."

-- Winnie Carter, Training Specialist
Child Focus, Inc., Cincinnati, OH


"Wonderful opportunity to bring all 'gifts' into one accord."
"Fun experience. Reminds me of importance of vibrations we put out in the world."

"Great job!"

"Interesting use of music."

"Fun, stress reliever, good interaction with small and large group."

"Very different, creative outlet that we don't usually get."
"I enjoyed getting to relax and unwind during a training. It was also a stress relief. It allowed us to work together and become one rhythm, which is very important in the system of care -- much enjoyed."
"I enjoyed the interactive aspect of this training."
"Awesome! We learned but I also felt very connected with everyone at the end! Thanks for the experience!"
"Very good session. Though I am reluctant to join in activities of this type, it was enjoyable."
"Excellent training."
"Great way to express ideas of relationships and impact on others."
"It was very unique and a lot of fun."

"Great workshop!"

-- Participants,
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Conference, Cincinnati, OH




Groups and Events

“I have found Toni's pure joy in drumming to be infectious, contributing to a wonderful experience for all. She has a real connection to the earth, to the heartbeat, to the spirit of the drum. I highly recommend you take advantage of any opportunity to drum with Toni.”

-- Mary Ertel, drum circle participant and student, CT

“Children and adults alike loved letting go, and feeling and expressing through the music. I would strongly recommend Toni Kellar and her drumming circle for its healing and releasing spirit!”

-- Lois Merrill RN, MA, art therapist
Hospice of Guernsey, Inc., OH

“Toni Kellar led the group through fun percussion games and taught traditional rhythms from around the globe. People who had never met before were carrying on musical conversations like a seasoned orchestra. Toni makes it look easy to play the hand drum but her real gift is showing everyone that they too can find their musical voice."

-- Craig Norton, drum circle participant, CT

"The girls loved it!"

-- day camp administrator
Girl Scouts, Heart Of Ohio Council

“It's a different way to relax, to make mind and body work together, to force one to listen, to express oneself, and to have a good time sharing an interest with others. It is just great!”

-- Judy Ward, participant
Senior VIP drum circle series, Cambridge, OH

“One site that seemed to have the most staying power was the Roots To Rhythm group drumming sessions. Adults and children alike sat down with a variety of percussion instruments and kept the rhythm going throughout the afternoon.”

-- Mount Vernon News
coverage of Family Fun Day sponsored by Knox County Health Department, OH

“At some point during the program I remember looking at the lady across from me and she had a totally enraptured look on her face. How cool is that?”

-- Martha Kovacik, program director
Puskarich Public Library, Cadiz, OH

“...Toni was so upbeat and inspiring that nearly everyone got involved and came away smiling and uplifted.”

-- Patty Ullman, President
Southern Hills District United Methodist Women, OH

“Your program [RhythmProv] is excellent. I have never seen so many smiles on the kids' faces. They enjoyed it immensely as well as myself and other staff members.”

-- Lynda Hannus, residency program administrator
Actors Guild of Parkersburg, WV

“The kids loved it. One of the best non verbal communication sessions I have ever seen! Even the quiet kids were rocking to the beat!”
"Focused on participation and fun. Lots of opportunities for kids to use improvisation and to work together in groups."
Toni worked well with the students, kept the class flowing smoothly, had total control, and very informative. Excellent class! I saw a lot of smiles on students' faces throughout the session."
"Was able to get those who we have trouble participating involved."
"Totally engaging for the students! I think everyone left feeling they learned a lot."

-- RhythmProv residency staff evaluations
Actors Guild of Parkersburg, WV

"The experience was like awaking at dawn on your porch or other quiet place and hear the birds coming awake and the sun coming up. Very comforting and serene."

-- Participant
Drumming for Wellness community drum circle

"All the stress just flew away, out the door, while I was playing."

-- Marlene Finch, participant
Drumming for Wellness community drum circle

"I found it very relaxing, peaceful, and refreshing."

-- R. T. Moose, participant
Drumming for Wellness community drum circle

"I brought my 3 1/2-year-old son with me and what an experience -- I've been to drum circles in the past but this was moving for me. I enjoyed watching him [son] and the others enjoying him."

-- Brandi Hibbs, Health & Fitness Director, Tuscarawas County YMCA, and participant
Drumming for Wellness community drum circle






Groups and Private Events

"A real crowd pleaser and a good way to break the ice! One of the most unusual and fun undertakings we have ever done on a trip."

-- Sharon Legault, group leader
Over-50 Club, Gibraltar, MI

“A wonderful experience for everyone – regardless of ability and disability. A great team building experience.”

-- Sherry Rinck, activities director
Boyd's Kinsman Home, OH

“We loved everything!”

-- Residents
Boyd's Kinsman Home, OH

“Making music together -- creating a joyful noise -- created a unifying and playful experience for our older adults. We had a blast!”

-- Jane, recreation supervisor
Upper Arlington Senior Center, OH

“Your Roots To Rhythm was outstanding.”
“This was the greatest. The best!”
“Great fun – keep up the Rhythm!”
“Excellent stress reliever!”

-- participants
Great Day! Tours, Cleveland, OH




Business & Leadership Development
Barnesville Hospital Leadership Retreat
Noble Local School District
St. Benedict School
Marburn Academy
Shawnee State University Upward Bound
Ohio State University Extension/Leadership Noble
Advantage Bank / Camco Financial
Muskingum College PLUS Program / First Step
East Central Ohio Regional Training Center
Child Focus / Head Start

Education & Youth
Guernsey County Children Services
Guernsey County Family and Children First Council
Pomegranate Health Systems
Thompkins Child and Adolescent Services
Cambridge City Schools Title I
Coshocton (County) Behavioral Health Choices
Warren Local School District
Fort Frye Local School District
Morgan Local School District
Muskingum College Music Department
Marburn Academy
Sheboygan (WI) Area School District
Pressley Ridge School
The [Zanesville] Center for Child & Family Development
Imani Learning Academy
Wood County School District
Muskingum County Care Team Collaborative
Artsbridge Very Special Arts Festival
Lakewood Local School District
GMN Tri-County CAC, Inc., L.I.F.E. Program

Health & Wellness
Cambridge Area YMCA
Hospice of Guernsey
Health and Safety Expo
Guernsey County Health Department
Knox County Health Department
Perry County Health Department
Ottawa County Health Department
Appalachian Behavioral Health Care
Cornerstone of Hope
Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center:

  • Parkinson's Support Group
  • Cancer Survivor's Support Group
  • Cancer Survival Fair
  • Community HealthLink
  • National Senior Health and Fitness Day
  • Children's Health Fair
  • Guernsey County Relay For Life

Summit Acres nursing home
Victorian Oaks assisted living
Cambridge Health & Rehabilitation Center
College of Wooster
Kenyon College
Think Pink / Community Healthlink

Conferences & Keynotes
Society of Public Health Educators: Health Educators' Institute Conference
Ohio Department of Health: Coordinated School Health Conference
Eastern Connecticut State University: Day For Women Conference
University of Cincinnati: Women's Leadership Conference
Knox County Health Department: Women's Health Conference
Ohio Division Of Travel and Tourism conference
Chrysalis Emergence Conference
Outdoor Writers of Ohio Conference
Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education: Student Services Conference
Percussive Arts Society International Convention
Ohio Day Of Percussion
Richland County Health Department Minority Health Fair Celebration
Florida Department of Education Teacher Of The Year Celebration
Chautauqua Institution / NAMM
Licking County Visitors & Convention Bureau
Heartland Travel Showcase
Ohio Head Start Association

Community Groups & Events
Salt Fork Arts and Crafts Festival
Marietta Earth Day Festival
Athens Area Sustainability Festival
Artsbridge Kids Fun Fest
Cambridge Rhythm & Arts Walk
DrumFest 2006
Noble County Girl Scouts
Licking County Girl Scouts
Lore City Cub Scouts
Dorothy Knost Music Workshop
Salt Fork State Park
Cardida Corporation
Cambridge Lion's Club
Celtic Society
Guernsey County Senior Center
Cambridge Rotary Club
Ohio's Appalachian Spotlight on Tourism Show
Clark Library
McConnelsville Library
Puskarich Library
Keep Alliance Beautiful
Fox Creek Outdoors
Relay For Life
College Drive Presbyterian Women
New Concord United Methodist Women
Guild Builders / Actors Guild of Parkersburg
Adventure Pursuit Triathlon
A Day Of Drumming
Gladden United Presbyterian Church
Tyler County (WV) 4-H / West Virginia University Extension Service
Cambridge Red Hatters
Red Brick Center for the Arts
Safari With the Arts: Zanesville Arts Center and Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra
PAS/Ohio PAS: Recreational Drumming: Celebrating Health and Wellnes
Salt Fork Resort & Conference Center Celebration of Art

Tour Groups & Private Events
Great Day! Tours
Cambridge/Guernsey County Visitors and Convention Bureau
Over 50 Club
Boyd¹s Home
Upper Arlington Senior Center
Per-Flo Tours
Ohio Travel Association
Christian Home Educators of Cambridge
United Methodist Women
St. Joseph Montessori




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